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crcCARE funds major projects from laboratory-based study to field scale-up of new technologies for testing and validation.


Solutions for health, environmental and economic benefits through reduced exposure to toxic contaminants and improved amenity of our cities, a result of remediation/ management of urban land.


We educate researchers and practitioners highly skilled at solving and preventing the problems of contamination and waste management.


Developing cost-effective and commercially sustainable solutions and technologies for the identification and remediation of contamination problems.

About crcCARE

crcCARE is a partnership of organisations dedicated to developing new ways of dealing with and preventing contamination of soil, water and air including solid and liquid waste management.

We focus Australia’s foremost expertise and resources on this issue and to develop close links with research partners at the cutting edge in this field around the world.

crcCARE plays a unique and influential role in Australia’s contaminated site sector. As a globally recognised research leader, we bring together diverse – and at times opposed – stakeholders to vastly improve the national approach to the myriad challenges of environmental contamination.

Solution highlight: matCARE

Soil and water – made safe for re-use

Each site is assessed and a site-specific remediation plan implemented for optimal results.  Water is returned safe for re-use and soil is restored into productive real estate. 

On-site assessment and remediation service

crcCARE scientists arrive with a mobile assessment and remediation facility and take care of contamination issues right there and then.

The clay sorbent used in matCARE has the capacity to successfully immobilise 50% more PFOS and PFOA than traditional technologies, with field trials proving that it is more effective than activated carbon and biochar.

Research Highlight: Understanding Emerging Chemicals

This program is addressing the significant gaps in our knowledge of the potential risks posed by the rapidly increasing number of emerging contaminants and their mixtures.

Technical Reports

Technical Report 45: Societal perceptions on remediation technologies: guidance for engagement with residents
Technical Report 43: Practitioner guide to risk-based assessment, remediation and management of PFAS site contamination
Technical Report 42: A human health review of PFOS and PFOA