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Soil and water – made safe for re-use

Each site is assessed and a site-specific remediation plan implemented for optimal results.  Water is returned safe for re-use and soil is restored into productive real estate. 

On-site assessment and remediation service

CRC CARE scientists arrive with a mobile assessment and remediation facility and take care of contamination issues right there and then.

The clay sorbent used in matCARE has the capacity to successfully immobilise 50% more PFOS and PFOA than traditional technologies, with field trials proving that it is more effective than activated carbon and biochar.

Program 2: Measurement

CRC CARE’s Better Measurement program develops next-generation analytical methods and innovative field technologies to provide fast and more efficient assessment of site contamination.

It will identify, measure and delineate contamination with sufficient certainty to make good decisions within the available budget.

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