Associate Membership

Join Australias Clean-Up Leaders

crcCARE develops technologies that improve the way we prevent, assess and clean up contamination.

crcCARE is an independent organisation conducting world-renowned science. We are also a one-stop shop for information on contaminated site guidance and legislation, both nationally and internationally. Many organisations seek to benefit from the research and solutions generated bycrcCARE, and we have a strong group of participants at both shareholder and non-shareholder level.

We have received growing interest from private- and public-sector organisations spanning a broad spectrum of industries that seek to contribute to and benefit from our world-leading research on assessing, preventing and remediating contamination of soil, water and air. This interest represents an untapped repository of expertise that can help crcCARE find environmental solutions wherever they are needed and deliver them to industry. To tap this knowledge and foster mutually beneficial relationships, crcCARE has created a new class of participant – Associate Membership.

Who could become a crcCARE Associate Member? 

Associate Members can be from any relevant industry, and from both the private and public sectors, such as:

• Mining and exploration
• Gas and energy
• Petroleum Consultancy
• Property development
• Property ownership
• Waste recycling
• Transport

• Government agencies and departments (at local, state and national levels)
• Laboratory technologies and equipment
• Analytical services
• Instrumentation

• Remediation contractors
• Manufacturers
• Legal services
• Insurance
• Finance

Benefits of Associate Membership

crcCARE’s Associate Members have access to the latest developments in contamination research, technology, policy and regulation, as well as to industry leadership. Participation allows Associate Members to influence the industry’s direction and future.

For more information, please contact: