In light of the large and rapidly growing risks to human and environmental health from from the many tens of thousands of industrial chemicals now circulating the planet in air, water, soil, food, wildlife and consumer goods, Professor Ravi Naidu, Managing Director and CEO of CRC CARE, has called for worldwide action to reduce the impact of chemical contamination.

“I have long been a strong advocate for the need for a coordinated global approach to dealing with the scourge of environmental contamination – one of humanity’s greatest challenges” said Professor Naidu. “Further to my previous calls for experts to marshall our resources in the fight against contamination, I am now calling for a Global Contamination Accord.”

Professor Naidu is urging people – especially those who work to tackle contamination, but also anybody who beleives in the need for action – to read the Accord’s background and pledge

“To anybody who would like to stand with me in battling this mammoth and growing problem, I respectfully ask you to sign the pledge by way of a very brief online survey,” said Professor Naidu.

After signatures have been gathered, Professor Naidu will be in touch regarding next steps and practical measures to grow this important movement. 

Please download the Global Contamination Accord background and sign the pledge at