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Mineralogical constraints associated with contaminant bioaccessibility in mine and smelter impacted soils


The influence of co-contaminants and amendment strategies on the bioavailability and bioaccessibility of As, Cd and Pb


The aim of the project is to provide the tools necessary to accurately refine exposure assessment within the human health and ecological risk assessment processes. This will be done by evaluating the efffects of co-contaminants on an individual contaminants bioaccessibility-bioavailability, the effects of phosphate amendments on the bioaccessibility-bioavailability of co-contaminants, as well as the ecological effects of phosphate amended and non phosphate amended co-contaminated soils. In addition, the research aims to determine the suitability of in vitro methods for predicting contaminant bioavailability in co-contaminated soils and whether the addition of amendments influences their predictive capabilities. 


Cameron is from Kingston, Ontario, Canada. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Geography and Biology and a Master’s degree in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. In addition to his education, he has six years of experience working as a site/risk assessor at contamianted sites throughout Canada.