Case studies

Case studies

Remediating acid sulfate soils

CRC CARE research has led to one of the world’s most successful demonstrations of how to restore an area severely affected by acid-sulfate soils.

Piggery waste a valuable resource

CRC CARE and partners are turning a large pig waste problem into revenue from recovered nutrients and biogas energy.

Lead contamination in shooting range soils

CRC CARE has developed a method for remediating lead-contaminated shooting ranges that is both cheaper and more effective than traditional approaches.

Saving water in mineral processing

CRC CARE ultrasound technology has improved the efficiency of water extraction from mineral tailings by up to 4%, saving water for the environment and money for mining companies.

National protocols for assessing site contamination

Work by CRC CARE is behind a major overhaul of national standards for assessing and managing contaminated sites.The new Measure is now complete and available to industry and regulators.

Fighting fire-fighting foam

CRC CARE has developed a clay–mineral mix that cleans up the hazardous per- and poly-fluorinated alkyl substances (PFASs) found in many fire-fighting foams.