crcCARE’s philosophy is that commercialisation begins at the start of the research.

crcCARE invests in its research programs that are technically viable and have high potential for commercialisation. We embed commercialisation and business opportunity analysis in every stage of our research and business processes. In this way, we deliver research outcomes that allow more cost-effective management of Australia’s environment.

Our commercialisation and utilisation plan covers:

  • Business-case planning and market segmentation (with partners)
  • International market access
  • Critical mass and clustering of capability
  • Targeted service, technology or product configurations for licensing
  • National demonstration sites
  • Seed/venture capital access for small-and-medium-sized enterprises as well as new ventures.

For more information on working with us to commercialise research that benefits your business, contact Professor Ravi Naidu on +61 (2) 4913 8705 or