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crcCARE are committed to providing innovative solutions for contaminated site management.

Our suite of tools are the result of extensive research and development by the experts at crcCARE. Developed through to decades of experience and cutting-edge technology, we’ve created resources that are both effective and user-friendly.

The tools have been designed to assist professionals in the field by offering comprehensive assessment and ranking systems tailored to the unique challenges of contaminated sites.

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crcCARE offers four distinct tools, each meticulously designed to address specific aspects of contaminated site management. These tools, which include advanced assessment and ranking systems, are all conveniently accessible through a single, user-friendly platform, ensuring that professionals have all the resources they need at their fingertips.

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A graphical statistical analysis app that helps consultants, researchers and government representatives prioritise and manage remediation of contaminated mine sites. mineCARE combines both human and ecological impacts to comprehensively evaluate a mining site and provide a system risk assessment score for ranking and prioritisation.



A web-based online infrared spectrum data analysis system that allows users to upload their infrared specturn data and receuce analytical results immediately. 


riskCARE & infoCARE

An online site assessment tool that determines whether site contamination poses an actual or potential risk to human health and the environment, on or off the site, of sufficient magnitude to justify remediation suitable to the existing or proposed land use. riskCARE uses extensive implementation information from the National Environment Protection Measure to assess site contamination. It contains a database, infoCARE that provides information on health investigation levels (HILs) for regulated contaminants in soil, groundwater and vapour intrusion. Users can search for contaminants by entering the analyte’s name or skimming through the contaminant catalogue.



An online contaminant site assessment and ranking and mapping system, developed for contaminated site management. In bar charts for ranking and Google Maps for mapping, rankCARE II presents graphical depictions of the samples from each sampling location based on the following three tiers. Tier 1: by concentrations of each listed contaminant; Tier 2: by hazard index and Tier 3: by human toxicity potential (HTP).