Department of Defence Program

Program Leader: Professor Ravi Naidu

Department of Defence Program

crcCARE’s Department of Defence demonstration program focuses on laboratory and field-based investigation of potentially contaminated sites, and the validation of innovative technologies developed for their assessment and remediation. The program uses interdisciplinary methodologies to arrive at solutions for the complex environmental problems affecting a range of sites across Australia.  


crcCARE’s Defence program undertakes a wide range of projects, including:

  • Bioremediation of TCE-contaminated groundwater (Edinburgh Defence Precinct, SA)
  • Remediation of hydrocarbon contamination in former fuel farms (RAAF Williamtown, NSW)
  • Aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF) remediation
  • Permeable reactive barrier for treating TCE-contaminated groundwater (Edinburgh)
  • Surfactant enhanced in-situ chemical oxidation (S-ISCO) and enhanced bioremediation of volatile organic compounds (Edinburgh)
  • Modified natural clays for remediation of hazardous substances
  • Development of national technical guidance for permeable reactive barriers
  • In situ chemical stabilisation of shooting range soils
  • Modular subsurface vapour intrusion model for management and remediation of potentially contaminated sites.