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What is the globalCARE Alliance?

The globalCARE Alliance is a scientific initiative launched by Professor Ravi Naidu to define, quantify, set limits to, help clean up, and devise new ways to curb the growing impact of chemical contamination on human health and the environment. It is an international alliance of leading scientific, government, industry and community organisations and individuals dedicated to a cleaner, healthier and safer world through better approaches to contamination assessment and remediation of the environment.

The globalCARE Alliance not only defines the extent of contamination at international scales, but also develops cost-effective, workable solutions that can be readily adopted by industry, governments and the community. These include further developing and disseminating the concept of ‘green production’ – the production of goods and services without any accompanying risk of contamination.

globalCARE’s work builds national capacity – in countries at all levels of development – to not only remediate existing contaminated sites but also prevent contamination in the first place.

A global knowledge network

The globalCARE Alliance is a worldwide knowledge network that performs new scientific research, aggregates existing knowledge, develops novel assessment and clean-up technologies, advises governments and industry on ways to improve existing regulation or industry practices, trains high-level experts, and shares information about ways to reduce human-caused contamination in all facets of society and the natural environment.

CleanUp Conference statement on the globalCARE Alliance

At the 5th International Contaminated Site Remediation Conference – known as CleanUp – in September 2013, a panel of some of the world’s leading contamination researchers and remediation professionals issued the following statement on globalCARE:

 “We the participants of the CleanUp 2013 conference support the formation of an international initiative to define contamination problems that have a serious impact on human health and the environment, identify effective and practical solutions, and share them globally.”

Call for a Global Contamination Accord

As part of globalCARE, Prof. Naidu is also calling for a Global Contamination Accord.  Anyone wishing to support the Accord is encouraged to sign a pledge by way of a very brief online survey.

globalCARE resources

For more information, download the globalCARE prospectus, globalCARE infographic or the presentation made by Prof. Naidu at CleanUp 2013. Contact us at for further information on how to join this initiative.