matCARE™: cleaning up AFFF-contaminated soil and wastewater


matCARE™ for Soil

CRC CARE’s complete on-site matCARE assessment and remediation service uses modified clay to remediate aqueous fire-fighting foam (AFFF)-contaminated soil. Per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) including PFOS and PFOA are immobilised by binding to the clay particles, reducing levels down to below Minnesota guidelines.

How effective is matCARE in remediating soil?

CRC CARE has collected over 3 years of data showing how effective matCARE is as a long term solution to AFFF-contamination.

A snapshot of this data is presented below and displays the concentration of PFOS in the leachate of matCARE-treated soil over a period of 480 days. The contaminant is remediated almost immediately and remains at below detection levels:

Data collection and analysis is ongoing, gathering further evidence of the effective performance of matCARE as a long-term solution for the remediation of AFFF-contaminated soil.

A complete on-site assessment and remediation service

CRC CARE scientists arrive with a mobile assessment and remediation facility with an intention to clean up AFFF contamination issues right there and then. 

Restoring soil back into valuable real estate

matCARE is a fast and convenient remediation service that returns contaminated soil in a re-useable form, restoring the commercial value of the contaminated site. 

matCARE in action at Defence sites across Australia

CRC CARE has established remediation facilities at Royal Australian Air Force sites in Edinburgh (SA), Pearce (WA), Townsville (Qld) and Darwin (NT) where years of foam use, mainly in fire-fighter training, had caused substantial PFAS contamination. Treatment has so far resulted in the clean up of over 1 million litres of water to less than the reporting level of 5 ppb. Read the CRC CARE case study here.

Get in touch

For more information and to discuss how CRC CARE can help you assess and remediate AFFF-contaminated soil and wastewater, visit our website or contact Professor Ravi Naidu at or on +61 2 4913 8705.



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