matCARE™: cleaning up AFFF-contaminated soil and wastewater


matCARE™ for Wastewater

CRC CARE’s complete on-site assessment and remediation service matCARE uses modified clay to remediate aqueous fire-fighting foam (AFFF)-contaminated wastewater. Per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) such as PFOS and PFOA are immobilised by binding to the clay particles, reducing levels down to below Minnesota guidelines.

A complete on-site assessment and remediation service

CRC CARE scientists arrive with a mobile assessment and remediation facility with an intention to take care of AFFF contamination issues right there and then. The video clip below shows just how wastewater is remediated at the contamination site:

How do perflurorchemicals get into wastewater?

PFAS are commonly used to improve the ability of fire-fighting foam to smother fire. These AFFFs have been used at hundreds of thousands of fire training facilities worldwide over the past century, as well as in the production of fabrics, leather, paper products, nonstick cookware, food packaging and insecticides.

PFAS pose a serious problem as they potentially harmful to human health and the environment. When washed away from surfaces and disposed of in landfill, PFAS such as PFOA and PFOS contaminate soil and water presenting a health risk. The solution is remediation, and matCARE offers a full assessment and remediation service that takes places entirely at the contaminated site.

How effective is matCARE in remediating wastewater?

Our results show that matCARE is effective in remediating AFFF-contaminated wastewater to a PFAS concentration  < 0.002 µg/L. Water is made safe for re-use. 

matCARE in action at Defence sites across Australia

CRC CARE has established remediation facilities at Royal Australian Air Force sites in Edinburgh (SA), Pearce (WA), Townsville (Qld) and Darwin (NT) where years of foam use, mainly in fire-fighter training, had caused substantial PFAS contamination. Treatment has so far resulted in the clean up of over 1 million litres of water to less than the reporting level of 5 ppb. Read the CRC CARE case study here.

Get in touch

For more information and to discuss how CRC CARE can help you assess and remediate AFFF-contaminated soil and wastewater visit our website or contact Professor Ravi Naidu at or on +61 2 4913 8705. 



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