Meet the Team

The following staff members are affiliated with crcCARE through sponsorship arrangements.

Core Staff Members

Dr Anitha Kenday Sivaram

Research Fellow

Research Interests and Expertise: Risk assessment of petroleum hydrocarbons in groundwater aquifers, molecular toxicology of organic pollutants to aquatic invertebrates, earthworms, and plants, sustainable agriculture, plant uptake and accumulation of PFAS in crop plants, phytoremediation of organics, and plant-microbial interaction in organic pollutant remediation.

Dr Ayanka Wijayawardena

Senior Research Fellow

Research Interests and Expertise: Bioavailability of metal and metalloid mixtures, as well as the human and ecological risk assessment of contaminants including heavy metal(loid)s and PFAS.

Dr Bhaba Biswas

Research Fellow in Applied clay science (Environment & Agriculture)
Humboldt Fellow

Research Interest and Expertise: Material-based environmental remediation, specialises in applied clay research, material synthesis, characterisation, and the valorisation of raw minerals and materials. 

Dr. Chamila Samarasinghe

Research Associate

Research Interests and Expertise: Investigating the environmental soil chemistry and toxicity, understanding the underlying mechanisms, and finding remedial options for organic and inorganic contaminants including total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH), PFAS, nanoparticles, and Jet Fuel additives.  

Mr Danidu Kudagamage

Senior Technical Officer

Danidu’s expertise extends to various groundwater sampling methods, including submersible, split, waterra, and bladder techniques. He is also proficient in soil sampling methods such as push probe, hand core, and mechanical core, as well as conducting soil gas sampling and installing soil gas wells. Additionally, Danidu utilizes the Tridion-9 portable GC-MS (Gas Chromatography–Mass Spectrometry) for analysing TCE and hydrocarbons.

Dr Girish Choppala

Research Fellow

Research Interest and Expertise: Environmental geochemistry, soil science, mineralogy, derelict mine sites, contaminants remediation,  acid sulfate soils, coastal ecosystems.

Dr Liang Wang

Senior Research Fellow

Research Interests and Expertise: Environmental science and technology, emphasising rapid in-situ contaminated site characterisation, spectroscopy with machine learning, and novel environmental sensor development.


Dr Md. Abdul Halim

Research Associate

Research Interests and Expertise: Monitoring, evaluating, and detecting residual pesticides and heavy metals from different matrices, such as soil, plants, and food products, plant–microbiome interactions for sustainable plant health through abiotic stress such as pesticide and heavy metal, plant growth and development based on soil health indicators such as soil enzymes, soil biology, and soil nutrient dynamics.

Dr Md. Nuruzzaman

Research Associate

Research Interests and Expertise: Agricultural Science including crop production and crop protection with specialisation in pesticide formulations and pollution,  soil characterization, contamination assessment, risk evaluation, and remediation of agrochemicals.

Dr Mezbaul Bahar

Senior Environmental Scientist

Research Interests and Expertise: Bioremediation, ecological risk assessment, site characterisation, and soil health. 


Dr Rashidul Islam

Research Associate

Research Interests and Expertise: Environmental contamination remediation or emission reduction through the application of clay/zeolite or synthesis and modified nanomaterials, contaminated site characterization, risk assessment for plants, animals, and humans, bioavailability, bio-accessibility, and risk-based management approaches.

Dr Sai Gopalan

Research Fellow

Research Interests and Expertise: Materials/structural characterization for diverse applications utilizing a wide range of analytical/scientific equipment including sophisticated electron microscopy.

Dr Santosh Kumar Paul

Research Associate

Research Interests and Expertise: Crop production and crop protection with a specialization in nano-pesticide formulations, agriculture, pest management and biosecurity, remediation methods (management of soil, water, nutrients, fertilizer, irrigation etc.).

Dr Yanju Liu

Senior Research Fellow

Research Interests and Expertise: Heavy metal, PFAS, TPH/PAH, to understand the bioavailability, bioaccessibility, sorption/desorption, toxicity and threshold values, and remediation of contaminants in soils/groundwater.

Analytical Team

Mr Abhishek Sharma

Technical Officer

Mr Abhishek Sharma’s role oversees the working operation and ongoing maintenance of specialised analytical instrumentation, including ICP-OES, ICP-MS, LC-ICP-MS, IC, TOC, Soil C/N/S, Pore size/surface area and Particle size/zeta potential analytical systems for inorganic contaminant analysis.

Dr Feng Shi

Senior Research Fellow

Research Interests and Expertise: Natural compound chemistry, analytical chemistry, toxicology, environmental assessment and monitoring, laboratory management and good QA/QC practice including ISO17025, APVMA, and FDA.

Dr Francisca Munyeza

Research Associate

Dr Munyeza’s key skills include sample preparation and clean-up, mass spectrometry and chromatography analysis using GC-MS, GC-MS/MS, LCMS and LC-MS/MS. Her role mainly focuses on the development and validation of analytical methods for emerging contaminants found in multiple environmental matrices.

Associate Professor Mahmud Rahman

Associate Professor

Research Interests and Expertise: Chemistry, toxicity, bioavailability and human health effects of arsenic, metals/metalloids speciation using hyphenated techniques, lowering arsenic and cadmium from rice to enhance food security and agronomic bio-fortification of zinc and selenium in food crops to minimize micronutrient deficiencies.

Visiting Academics

Dr Asadi Srinivasulu

Dr Asadi Srinivasulu’s area of interest includes Data Science, Big Data Analytics, Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation, Cloud Computing, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, and Software Engineering. Dr Asadi’s current research focuses on Groundwater, Climate Change, and Wastewater Treatment Data Analysis Using AI, ML, and DL Techniques.


Dr Hanie Latiff

Dr. Nur Hanie Mohd Latiff specializes in environmental science and the halal industry. During Dr Hanie’s time with crcCARE, she will conduct joint research on the effect of modified clays on (bio) remediation methane from simulated cattle farm landfill.

Dr Solmaz Bidast

Dr Solmaz Bidast is a soil scientist specializing in soil chemistry, pollution, fertility, and plant nutrition. Dr Solmaz’ current research focuses on modifying clay to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions.

Positions vacant

We don’t have any vacancies right now, but keep an eye on this page for future openings.