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Evaluation of the residual toxicity of hydrocarbon contaminated soils


The proposed research work will examine the residual toxicity of weathered hydrocarbons with endemic Australian plants. Screening and growing native Australian grass species will be the tools for assessing weathered hydrocarbon ecotoxicity in contaminated soils. Characterizing the rhizosphere microbial communities in tolerant and sensitive plant species will also be investigated to identify if there are unique features of the rhizosphere community that enhance plant tolerance.


Muhammad completed his B.Sc (Hon) and M.Sc in Microbiology from Dhaka university. He worked 7 years in a reputed pharmaceutical company (formerly Pfizer laboratories) in Bangladesh as a microbiologist. Muhammad’s area of research was food microbiology and he published a paper related with locally popular fast foods. He also completed MBA degree from same university for upgradation of his job and research career.