Research programs

crcCARE works with its end-user partners to solve critical contamination challenges. Through consultation with our partners, we have developed four new research themes.

These have been shaped by the previous crcCARE themes (Best Practice Policy, Better Measurement, Minimising Uncertainty in Risk Assessment, and Cleaning Up), but represent an evolutionary step forward, drawing on advances in technology and knowledge over the years since crcCARE was established.

Understanding Emerging Chemicals

This program will address the significant gaps in our knowledge of the potential risks posed by the rapidly increasing number of emerging contaminants and their mixtures.

Preventing Pollution, Avoiding Landfill and Recovering Resources

This program will develop tools and technologies to minimise waste to landfill and provide the knowledge critical for rebuilding the Australian recycling system and industry.

Next-Generation Clean-Up Technologies

This program will address the complexity of existing approaches to assessing and cleaning up contaminated sites which makes the process time consuming, costly, fraught with uncertainty and errors, and potentially litigious.

A New Paradigm for Managing Risk

This program will consider the management of risk from a range of different perspectives to gain a more complete understanding and prediction of risk.