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pooCARE: a system for processing organic waste


pooCARE: a system for processing organic waste

As part of its China Program, CRC CARE has developed a two-step underground anaerobic bioreactor – patented as pooCARE™ – for treating piggery waste. The project is being managed by HLM Asia Group Ltd (Hong Kong), and involves collaboration with scientists from Huazhong University of Science and Technology. A particular combination of anaerobic treatments is used to produce clean biogas energy and recover nutrients for use as fertiliser and other valuable products. Read more about pooCARE™ in Piggery waste a valuable resource.

The system has great potential for application in other livestock industries worldwide. Advantages of the technology over many existing designs include:

  • small footprint (in comparison to conventional treatment systems such as covered anaerobic lagoons)
  • improved biogas generation
  • operates well all year round, even in cold temperatures
  • low maintenance requirements
  • low electricity requirement (potentially self-powering)
  • constructed as a modular system
  • bioenergy production.