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Nitrogen dynamics and gaseous emission from organic amendment treated soils


Application of organic amendments as nutrient sources to soils has two benefits for farmers. It improves soil fertility and reduces the burden of waste management/recycling.  However, nitrogen (N) in these nutrient sources enters into the surrounding environment by leaching, both as ammonia (NH3) and nitrous oxide (N2O) gases resulting in low agricultural productivity. Next to carbon dioxide, N2O is a major greenhouse gas which is produced during the transformation of N in soil. There are several management strategies in agriculture to reduce N loss as N2O and NH3 gases from soil treated with chemical fertilisers. However, the strategies to reduce gaseous emissions from organic amendments added soils is yet to be studied in detail.

Ramya’s PhD research is looking at N transformation in organic amendments added soils. Ramya is studying some of the possible ways to reduce N loss as gaseous emissions from these soils.


Ramya holds a Masters degree in Science (Biotechnology) from the Flinders University of South Australia and a Bachelor degree in Technology (Biotechnology) from the Bharathidasan University, India. Her Master degree thesis focused on bioremediation of multi-origin contaminated soil using fungi. Prior to commencing her PhD at University of South Australia, Ramya briefly worked in Flinders University as a Research Assistant engaged in a biofuel project. Her research interests include nutrient dynamics in soil and plants, and microbial and molecular processes involved in the soil nutrient transformation.


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