sonicCARE™: improved gravity sedimentation process and apparatus

Renewable energy creation

CRC CARE is actively engaged in energy generation projects. Energy can be derived from a number of sources; including contaminated sites.  Our students are investigation options for energy creation across a number of these areas.

Bujun Wang

Fundamental research on the bio-cleaning and soil utilisation of sewage sludge.

Victor Savatia Indasi

Windfield investigations at Lake Turkana wind farm in Kenya.

Mian Hu

Study of biomass pretreatment to produce biochar and application.

Cuixia Liu

Produce hydrogen and methane from algae via two – stage anaerobic fermentation.

Krishnaveni Venkidusamy

Bioelectrochemical systems for bioremediation of petroleum hydrocarbons.

Muhammad Omer Mughal

Wind prediction modelling and validation using LIDAR data.

Sonia Shilpi

Wastewater driven biomass production for energy generation.

Vaibhav Mohale

Plume studies using doppler LIDAR and dispersion modelling.

Ying Chen

Application of nanoparticle modified electrodes in microbial fuel cell for electricity generation.