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Metagenomics: Screening of functional genes associate with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon bioremediation in contaminated soils.


Characterisation of microbial community diversity and functionality has been difficult to date due to limitations in traditional culture-based methodologies and molecular techniques. However, next generation high throughput pyrosequencing (metagenomics) offers direct access to uncharacterised microbial communities – bypassing the limitations of both molecular and traditional methods.  The use of this technique will allow for accurate identification of novel functional genes and enzymes affiliated with PAH-degrading microorganism which will address current gaps in understanding of microbial communities in PAH-contaminated soil. Accessing microbial communities directly, without laboratory cultivation and isolation methods,  will not only further our understanding of the mechanisms underlying the ways organisms responded to contamination,  but will also improve the approaches we use when assessing contaminants.


Samuel has a Bachelors Degree and Honours from Flindres University which he completed in 2008. During his studies Samuel won the Inaugural Flinders University Business Plan Competition award in 2008 for the development of a successful business plan.


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