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Nutrient management from wastewater discharged from abattoirs


Wastewater driven biomass production for energy generation


In many parts of the world, continued extraction of freshwater for various activities including irrigation has led to unsustainable rates of water consumption. Wastewater can be considered as an alternative irrigation source and in recent years wastewater use has gained importance in water-scarce regions. Wastewater reuse in agriculture is an old practice that has been generally implemented worldwide. Agricultural employment of wastewater for irrigation is based on the value of its water content and its constituents, which are used as nutrients. Growing energy crops by using wastewater, not for the purpose of producing food, have no health risks implicated for the consumers.

Continuous and increasing use of fossil fuel will cause air pollution and global warming by GHCs emission. But energy produced from biomass (energy crop) is not harmful to environment.

The main focus of the project will be on energy production. It will investigate the effects of wastewater as a source of irrigation water on biomass production and nutrient amendments for addressing environmental issues such as reduction of GHG emission by replacing fossil fuels and improving soil health degradation and determination of energy conversion from that biomass.


Sonia has a Mastes Degree in Soil Science and is Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Sonia also has a NSICT Fellowship from Ministry of Science and Information, Bangladesh (2009).


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