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crcCARE Scholarships

crcCARE offers scholarships for potential and existing PhD, Masters and Honours students to investigate issues relating to environmental contamination and remediation.

Our students

A dynamic education and training program is essential in attracting and retaining the best new students and scientists for the long-term benefit of the Australian remediation industry. The Australian contamination assessment and remediation industry has a growing reputation as a global leader, in terms of both innovation and the industry’s uptake of new technologies.

Through scholarship stipends and operational funding, crcCARE expects to provide opportunities for over 50 PhD students and 15 Honours students.

crcCARE’s Education Program also provides additional training to crcCARE students to support them develop the transferable or functional skills commonly desired by employers.

To date, the CRC has awarded over 50 scholarships to candidates across our partner universities to enable them to carry out research in topics that span all of our themes.

To gain an appreciation of the breadth of this research, click on the themes below to learn more.

Policy development and social engagement

Developing new principles to support new policy frameworks and producing strategies to manage community perceptions surrounding remediation technologies.

Toxicity and risk assessment

Researching the fate and dynamics of contaminants and developing methods to estimate the reasonable maximum exposure and risk to human health and ecosystems.

Soil management and remediation

Investigating technologies, indicators and strategies for the management and remediation of contaminated soil.

Water management and remediation

Investigating technologies and strategies for the management and remediation of contaminated water.

Renewable energy creation

Investigating options for energy creation across a number of areas, including contaminated sites.

Waste management

Investigating how some contaminated or treated soils and municipal or industrial wastes may be safely reused on land to return maximum value.