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Toxicity and risk assessment

CRC CARE’s students are researching into the fate and dynamics of contaminants, and are developing methods for estimating the reasonable maximum exposure and risk to human health and ecosystems.

Laura Chekli

Environmental risk assessment of nanomaterials for soil and groundwater remediation.

Kaihong Yan

Development of a risk assessment model.

Bita Bayatsarmadi

Mobility of Fe-based manufactured nanoparticles in soil.

Hao Hu

Developing mechanism-based bioassays for predicting toxicity of environmental contaminants.

Adi Maoz-Shen

Ecotoxicity of zero-valent iron nanomaterials to microorganisms involved in contaminant biodegradation.

Muhammad Khan

Evaluation of the residueal toxicity of hydrocarbon contaminated soils.

Pandian Govindarasu

Illicit drugs in the environment: toxicity and remidial options.

Qing Xia

Assessing the health risk of mixed organic and inorganic contaminants.

Sasikumar Muthusamy

Evaluation of interaction toxicity of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and metals.

Srinithi Mayilswami

Earthworm biomarkers for monitoring persistent organic pollutants.

Vincent Lal

Health Risk assessment of mixed contaminants: Interactions of metals on the uptake of polyaromatic hydrocarbons in human liver cells.

Mahamayagoda Wijayawardena

Bioavailability and human health risk of heavy metal mixtures.

Shofiqul Islam

Arsenic in rice: Genotypic variation and its bioavailability with respect to human health risk assessment.