Waste Program

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Waste Program

crcCARE’s Waste Program focuses on the sustainable management of organic waste.

The program offers Biomethane Potential Testing (laboratory-based assessment of the potential for a waste product to generate bioenergy), together with feasibility studies for harvesting clean energy. This clean-energy initiative delivers both economic returns to the end user and environmental benefits to the wider community.

The Waste Program provides the following services:

  • Biomethane Potential Testing
  • Contract research on clean energy generation
  • Feasibility studies for harvesting clean energy
  • Analysis of the best technology options for energy harvest
  • Training on bioenergy production, including theory, operation and applications.

A wide range of waste-to-energy options

crcCARE’s waste-to-energy approach is suited to all sectors that generate organic waste, and can be applied to a wide range of waste types, including source-segregated, fruit and vegetable, piggery, poultry, dairy, winery, and municipal biosolids.

By tapping into its network of leading research and industry organisations, crcCARE offers the best possible choice of technologies and advice for your waste-to-energy needs.

Piggery waste remediation in China

crcCARE has developed a two-step underground anaerobic bioreactor – patented as pooCARETM – for treating piggery waste. Based in China, this project is managed by HLM Asia Group Ltd (Hong Kong). The research is being undertaken in collaboration with scientists from Huazhong University of Science and Technology. Read more about pooCARETM here.