Water management and remediation

Aligned to the Cleaning Up program students are investigating technologies and strategies for the management and remediation of contaminated water. They also investigate ways to address the limitations of existing assessment and remediation technologies as applied to Australia’s aquifers and waste water streams.

Aaron Katz

Novel solar-driven fibreoptic photocatalysis hybrid system for groundwater treatment.

Danius Sounthararajan

Evangelos Gatsios

Evaluation of LNAPL remediation technologies.

Gabriel Lago

Quantifying the risk due to LNAPL removal from impacted sites.

Mezbaul Bahar

Development of a cost effective novel bioremediation technology for arsenic contaminated water.

Shizhen Liu

Sukanyah Shanmuganathan

High quality water reuse through developing of membrane hybrid system for persisting organic pollutants removal including PPCPs.

Tanjina Nur

New adsorbents for removal of inorganic contaminants from water.

Thuy Chung Nguyen

Road-deposited sediment pollutants: analytical techniques for mobility, bioavailability and remediation.

Vidhyasri Subramaniyam

Biological synthesis and evaluation of nano-scale iron particles for remediation of contaminated soil and ground water.

Vimal Kumar

A cost effective method for remediating wastewater using algae coupled with simultaneous production of biofuels.