Sequence Stratigraphy for Site Models and Remediation Strategies

Tuesday 21 May 2024 10:30 AM – 11:30 AM AEST


In this webinar, Dr. Junaid Sadeque will present and demonstrate an overview of state-of-the-art stratigraphic techniques applicable to the environmental field and demonstrates the power of this approach through a number of recent case studies. In environments marked by high geological complexity, the task of remediating contamination becomes arduous, often extending beyond anticipated timelines. Facies analysis and sequence stratigraphy emerge as indispensable tools in navigating such challenges, offering a robust methodology to comprehensively understand aquifer heterogeneity and forecast the movement of contaminants across borehole boundaries. Through this presentation, we will learn the cutting-edge techniques of stratigraphic analysis tailored for environmental applications. This session not only offers a succinct overview of these methodologies but also illustrates their efficacy through a selection of contemporary case studies, highlighting their transformative impact on remediation strategies and clean-up endeavors.

Who should attend?

The webinar is of interest to regulators, industry professionals, developers, consultants, geologists, researchers, and academics to scale up their knowledge by listening to the latest on the crucial understanding of Application of Sequence Stratigraphic Concepts in Developing Conceptual Site Models and Remedial Strategies.

Why attend?

Sequence stratigraphy is a geological framework used to interpret and understand the arrangement of sedimentary rocks in relation to changing sea levels over time. It focuses on identifying and correlating sedimentary sequences or packages bounded by erosional surfaces or changes in lithology. By analyzing these sequences, researchers can reconstruct the history of sediment deposition and infer the evolution of depositional environments. This approach is invaluable in various fields, including petroleum exploration, groundwater resource management, and environmental remediation, as it provides insights into sedimentary architecture and helps predict the distribution of reservoirs, aquifers, and contaminants.

Join us to explore innovative solutions for addressing complex environmental remediation hurdles in diverse geological environments. You will be presented the intricacies of facies analysis and sequence stratigraphy, unlocking their potential to refine aquifer characterization and accurately predict contaminant migration. Through compelling real-world case studies, witness the transformative impact of these advanced stratigraphic techniques on environmental remediation.

Highly heterogeneous and complex geologic settings present significant technical challenges in remediating contamination and achieving clean-up goals within reasonable timeframes. Facies analysis and sequence stratigraphy offer a proven approach for better-characterising, aquifer heterogeneity and predicting the fate and transport of contaminants between (and beyond) boreholes. This presentation provides a brief overview of state-of-the-art stratigraphic techniques applicable to the environmental field and demonstrates the power of this approach through a number of recent case studies.


Dr Junaid Sadeque,

Dr. Junaid Sadeque is a Subject Matter Expert in stratigraphy and sedimentology. He holds a MS degree in Petroleum Geology from Bergen University, Norway, and a Ph.D. in Sequence Stratigraphy from UT Dallas, USA. As a Senior Stratigrapher at AECOM, he plays a key role in applying facies analysis and sequence stratigraphic concepts for predicting contamination flow paths and developing Conceptual Site Models. Over the past 10 years, he has taught numerous professional courses in applied sequence stratigraphy both locally and internationally. His strong background of previously working for the oil sector helps him bring in fresh and cutting-edge concepts of geology to the environmental world.


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