Webinar: Solutions to Emerging Issues with PFAS

Join us as we navigate the multifaceted nature of PFAS contamination and unlock solutions to address both known and unforeseen challenges.


From fire-fighting foams to food wrappers, PFAS have seamlessly woven themselves into the fabric of modern life. However, their seemingly innocuous presence has a dark side: an unrelenting tenacity in the environment, coupled with emerging concerns about their impact on human health.

To unravel this tangled web, this webinar series introduces cutting-edge non-target analysis techniques, enabling us to comprehensively detect and understand the PFAS threat. Moreover, the fate and transport of PFAS in the context of precursors as ongoing sources of perfluoroalkyl acids (PFAAs) or as mobile PFAS will be described and the tendency for fluorosurfactants used in fluorinated firefighting foams, such as AFFF, FP and FFFP to form supramolecular assemblies will be discussed followed by the discription of implications of this phenomenon of fire suppression system decontamination and PFAS fate and transport.

The emerging issues with phasing out trifluoroacetic acid (TFA) precursors such as refrigerants, introduced to replace CFCs, where viable alternatives are widely available, will be also discussed in the context of concentrations of TFA in US and global rainfall, with 98% of the PFAS in drinking water comprising ultrashort chain PFAS.

Who should attend?

The webinar is of interest to regulators, industry professionals, developers, consultants, geologists, researchers, and academics to scale up their knowledge by listening to the latest on PFAS destruction technology by ball milling process.


Ian Ross, Ph.D., FRSC

PFAS Practice Lead,
CDM Smith

Ian Ross, Ph.D., FRSC is the Global PFAS Practice Lead at CDM Smith and is a visiting Professor at Manchester Metropolitan University

Ian’s story is one of dedication and deep-dive expertise. A seasoned biochemist with over 30 years experience confronting environmental threats, he spent the last decade laser-focused on a burgeoning menace: PFAS.

His journey began in 2005, sparked by the Buncefield fire near London. Witnessing the need for PFOS management, he dived headfirst into solutions. Soon, while tackling a PFAS project for Guernsey airport, he embarked on developing PFOS destruction technologies, pushing the boundaries of mitigation.

Since then, Ian hasn’t looked back. With over 100 articles, academic publications, and book chapters under his belt, including a comprehensive 204-page chapter on PFAS in the Emerging Contaminants Handbook, he’s established himself as a leading voice in this ever-evolving field.

Today, Ian serves as a global technical expert in PFAS decontamination and contaminated land assessment. His decades of experience and unyielding focus make him a vital resource in the fight against these persistent chemicals.

In short, Ian isn’t just an expert; he is a PFAS pioneer.


The webinar will be held online via Zoom.

21 March 2024

09:30 AM – 10:30 AM AEDT (Sydney Time)


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